Our Story

We love sports

Outdoor sporting activities are a great way to stay active and healthy. We made Arm Speed Analyzer to help track progress for sporting activities that require speed and precision. Arm Speed Analyzer is great for Golf, Tennis, Football, Baseball, Cricket, and any sports that requires fast movement. You can even place the Apple Watch on your ankle to track leg speed.

Simple and Accurate

We wanted to make an app that was simple and accurate. We believe Arm Speed Analyzer is the most accurate speed tracking app using the accelerometer on the App Store.

We don't sell or distribute your data. Ever.

We belive in protecting privacy (see Privacy Notice) so we do not monetize any user data. In fact, any usage data remains on your device, is never sent to an external server, and is removed when app is deleted. Further, we refuse to use Ad Networks or Analytics SDKs in our app.

More about this policy: To guarantee user privacy we do not use or include in app any code from Google, Facebook, Admob, or any Analytics SDK or Ad Network SDK.