Sports Speedometer is an Apple Watch app that tracks your movement for sporting activities. Using Sports Speedometer, you can track max speed and acceleration of key sport activities such as swinging a club, throwing a ball, and much more. Improve your sports skills by tracking movement speed for consistency and gain!

How do I delete a Speed Record?

You can manage Speed Records on the iPhone and iPad. Open Sports Speedometer on your iOS device and swipe left on a Speed Record entry to delete the entry.

I don't see my Speed history on my iPhone?

Sports Speedometer uses iCloud to sync data between your devices. If your Apple Watch has not had network access since you recorded speed data, that data will only be available on the Apple Watch. When the Apple Watch gains network connection (for example, when the watch joins a known wifi network or the iPhone has network access) the data will be sent to iCloud and subsquently available to the rest of your devices within a few seconds.

Other issues?

If you experience issues using Sports Speedometer, send us an email at