Phone Buddy Notifier is an Apple Watch app that alerts you when you lose bluetooth connection with your iPhone. Phone Buddy keeps track of your Apple Watch and alerts you when needed. Phone Buddy Alerts can be configured to display when your iPhone connection is lost, when Apple Watch battery has completed charging, or when devices move apart!

Why did I not get a Phone Lost Notification when my iPhone was left behind?

The primary reason that Phone Buddy would fail to notify you of a disconnection is because Active Mode on Apple Watch was not turned on. Please make sure Active mode is enabled to ensure notifications are prompt. If the Apple Watch shuts down Active Mode will turn off and you need to open Phone Buddy on Apple Watch to re-enable. In certain conditions pending software updates can impact phone to watch communication. If Phone Buddy continues to fail to notify of connection loss, please contact support.

Why did I get a distance alert on my iPhone instead of my Apple Watch?

iOS automatically forwards notifications to a device based on its state. Distance alerts are posted on Apple Watch when the iPhone is locked and within range. See this Apple article for more information:

Active mode notifications (Phone Lost Alert and Phone Found Alert) are guaranteed to post on the Apple Watch.

Watch App issues?

Most app issues arise from failed communication between your Watch and iPhone. These issues can be resolved by restarting the Apple Watch. To restart your Apple Watch:

1) Press and hold the side button until you see the Power Off slider.

2) Drag the Power Off slide.

3) After your watch turns off, press and hold the side button again until you see the Apple logo.

Bluetooth issues?

If you recieved a Bluetooth issue alert or there is a change in the accuracy of bluetooth alerts from Phone Buddy a Bluetooth power cycle may fix the issue.

To peform a Blueooth power cycle on your iPhone go to Settings > Bluetooth > and toggle to OFF. Wait 15 seconds then toggle back to ON. Same steps can be followed on Apple Watch if needed

If you ever have any questions about using Phone Buddy Notifier, you can reach us at