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Phone Buddy Notifer on Apple Watch displaying the Phone Lost Alert, the Device Distance Alert, and Signal Strength features.

The only Apple Watch app you need. Phone Buddy on Apple Watch alerts you if you lose bluetooth connection with your iPhone and reminds you if you forget your Apple Watch.

Phone Buddy is an Apple Watch app that alerts you when you lose bluetooth connection with your iPhone. Try it now. Apple Watch Series 2+ is required.

Phone Buddy keeps track of your Apple Watch and alerts you when needed. Phone Buddy Alerts can be configured to display when your iPhone connection is lost, when Apple Watch battery has completed charging, or when devices move apart!

Phone Buddy is the perfect companion app for Apple Watch with features like Bluetooth Monitoring Alerts, Last Connected Map to help locating iPhone, and Fake Call to use your Apple Watch to play a Ringtone on your iPhone!

Phone Buddy Bluetooth Monitoring Alerts

  • Lost Phone Alert (with Active Mode)
  • Distance Alerts with fully customizable signal strength and time thresholds!
  • Battery Charged Alert
  • Watch Left Behind Alert
  • Phone Buddy Notifer on Apple Watch displaying iPhone information, monitoring alerts configuration, and alert threshold settings.

    Phone Buddy Features

  • Last Connected Map to help located iPhone (when network connectivity available)
  • Monitor Bluetooth Connection Signal Strength
  • iPhone Info and Bluetooth Monitoring alert management directly on the Apple Watch
  • Play a ringtone on your iPhone using Fake Call from your Apple Watch even when the iPhone is on silent
  • Configure a loud Alarm to play when bluetooth connection is lost between your Apple Watch and iPhone
  • Don't forget your iPhone again using Phone Buddy for Apple Watch! Phone Buddy notifies your Apple Watch the moment bluetooth connection is lost with your iPhone. If someone takes your iPhone, Phone Buddy will alert you with a Phone Lost Safety Notification. Phone Buddy is better than phone insurance since it helps prevent a loss!

    Download Phone Buddy now and never lose your phone again.

    Phone Buddy Notifier is a freemium app. The premium feature is called Active Mode and grants access to Phone Lost Alert and Last Connected Map. All other app features are free.

    To get Active Mode you can subscribe OR pay for it one time. The subscription and lifetime payment grant access to the same feature, Active Mode. The lifetime payment means you will never have to pay again. We offer subscriptions to allow for free trials and for those who want to support continued development.

    We do not advertise in app or sell data. In app purchases and subscriptions through the App Store are the only revenue stream for Phone Buddy Notifier.

    We really love our subscribers. You are the ones that truly enable the app to keep improving. Thank you!

    Phone Buddy Notifer on Apple Watch displaying Phone Lost Alert settings, Apple Watch Complication, and Phone Found alert.