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Phone Buddy for Apple Watch notifies you of connection lost with iPhone
Phone Buddy for Watch
Never Lose Your Phone Again!
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Never lose your iPhone again by using Phone Buddy for Watch. With Active Mode enabled, Phone Buddy notifies your Watch the moment connection is lost with your iPhone.
Phone Buddy will help prevent you from forgetting your iPhone at restaurants, coffee shops, movie theaters, bars, and or any time disctraction occurs.
If you've ever left your phone behind, Phone Buddy for Watch is perfect for you.
Active Phone Loss Detection is a paid feature. Try it FREE for 1 WEEK and then subscribe for $17.99 per year or $1.99 per month (USD). A one time payment option to unlock Active Phone Loss Detection for life is also available for $35.99.
Note: An Apple Watch Series 2 or newer paired to your iPhone is required to use Phone Buddy.
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