Our Story

One developer and a few friends based in Portland, Oregon.

In May of 2018 I arrived to the train station and checking for my ticket I realized I didn't have my iPhone with me. Damn, back at the office. I had to turn around and walk back the 10 minutes just because I had left my iPhone behind, again. Why couldn't my Apple Watch, which pretty much stayed on my wrist throughout the day, just let me know that I didn't have my iPhone with me? ... and thus Phone Buddy Notifier was born.

Apple Watch Focus.

We love the Apple Watch! Our app is designed to complement the Apple Watch, with deep monitoring alerts integration and feature sets expanding into more Apple Watch related areas.

We don't sell or distribute your data. Ever.

We belive in protecting privacy (see Privacy Notice) and go so far as to refuse to use Ad Networks or Analytics SDKs in our app.

More about this policy: We do not use or include in app any code from Google, Facebook, Admob, or any Analytics SDK or Ad Network SDK.