The purpose of Phone Buddy is to notify you on your Watch when you lose connection with your Phone.
Passive mode runs in the background and checks for connection when possible. Often, Passive mode can notify you of phone connection loss within a few minutes. Passive mode is free to use.
Active mode uses bluetooth on your Apple Watch to monitor connection. In this mode, you can expect to be notified of phone connection loss as you walk away from your phone. Want more protection? Enable Going Away Distance Alerts to get notified before losing connection with your iPhone. We recommend using this mode every day. Active mode is a paid feature.
Phone Buddy for Watch requires iOS devices running iOS 12 or later paired with a WatchOS device running WatchOS 5 or later.
In testing, we have observed 5-10% battery impact on average with all-day location use on Watch (Phone is not impacted at all). Other factors such as the Watch's temperature, battery health, and other apps running in the background can also affect battery performance. All-day battery life was tested on an Watch Series 3 and Watch Series 4.
The primary reason that Phone Buddy would fail to notify you of a disconnection is because Active Mode was not turned on. Please make sure Active mode is enabled to ensure notifications are prompt. In certain conditions pending software updates can impact phone to watch communication. If Phone Buddy continues to fail to notify of connection loss, please contact support.